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ISMAR 2020 - Porto De Galinhas, Brasil

ISMAR 2020 - Recife/Porto De Galinhas (Virtual), Brasil

The ISMAR 2020 symposium was held in Recife/Porto De Galinhas (Virtual), Brasil.

Dates: Nov 09 - Nov 13 2020.

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General Chairs
Prof. Veronica Teichrieb
Prof. Veronica Teichrieb Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
Prof. Henry Duh
Prof. Henry Duh La Trobe University, Australia
João Paulo Lima
João Paulo Lima Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brasil
Francisco Simões
Francisco Simões Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brasil
Science and Technology Chairs
Shimin Hu
Shimin Hu Tsinghua University, China
Denis Kalkhofen
Denis Kalkhofen Technische Universität Graz, Austria
Jonathan Ventura
Jonathan Ventura California Polytechnic State University, USA
Stefanie Zollmann
Stefanie Zollmann University of Otago, New Zealand


Career Impact Award Recipient: Prof. Dieter Schmalstieg, Technical University of Graz
Dieter Schmalstieg has had a profound influence on our field, and is most deserving of the ISMAR Career Impact Award.
Best Paper Award Mobile3DRecon: Real-time Monocular 3D Reconstruction on a Mobile Phone Recipients: Xingbin Yang, Liyang Zhou, Hanqing Jiang, Zhongliang Tang, Yuanbo Wang, Hujun Bao, and Guofeng Zhang (Sensetime Research / Zhejiang University)
Best Paper Honorable Mention Award Spatial Presence, Performance, and Behavior between Real, Remote, and Virtual Immersive Environments Recipients: Nawel Khenak, Jeanne Vézien, and Patrick Bourdot (Université Paris-Saclay)
Best Poster Award A Virtual Morris Water Maze to Study Neurodegenarative Disorders Recipients: Daniel Roth, Christian Felix Purps, and Wolf-Julian Neumann (TU-Munich, University of Würzburg, Charité Berlin)
Best Poster Honorable Mention Award Evaluate Optimal Redirected Walking Planning Using Reinforcement Learning Recipients: Ko Tsai-Yen, Su Li-Wen, Chang Yuchen, Keigo Matsumoto, Takuji Narumi, and Michitaka Hirose (National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University, The University of Tokyo)
Best Demo Award RetroActivity: Rapidly Deployable Live Task Guidance Experiences Recipients: Andrey Konin, Shahram Najam Syed, Shakeeb Siddiqui, Sateesh Kumar, Quoc-Huy Tran, and M. Zeeshan Zia (Retrocausal Inc.)
Best Presentation Award at Doctoral Consortium Supporting Emergency Medical Services with Head-Worn Displays Recipient: Paul Schlosser (The University of Queensland)


Paul Debevec Google Research and USC Institute for Creative Technologies , USA Title: Shining Light between Real and Virtual Worlds
    Ramesh Rakar MIT Media Lab , USA Title: Augmented Surgeons and ‘Anatome’: AI & AR for IA
      Yvonne Rogers University College London , UK Title: Augmenting Cognition