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ISMAR 2022 - Singapore, Singapore

ISMAR 2022 - Singapore, Singapore

The ISMAR 2022 symposium was held in Singapore, Singapore.
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General Chairs
Prof. Frank GUAN
Prof. Frank GUAN Singapore Institute of Technology , Singapore
Prof. Yiyu CAI
Prof. Yiyu CAI Nanyang Technological University , Singapore
Prof. Michele FIORENTINO
Prof. Michele FIORENTINO Politecnico di Bari , Italy
Journal Paper S&T Program Chairs
Guilame MOREAU
Guilame MOREAU IMT Atlantique , France
Prof. Joe GABBARD Virginia Tech , USA
Lily WANG Beihang University , China
Daisuke IWAI
Daisuke IWAI Osaka University , Japan
Conference Paper S&T Program Chairs
Henry DUH
Henry DUH La Trobe University , Australia
Jens GRUBERT Coburg University , Germany
Jianmin ZHENG
Jianmin ZHENG Nanyang Technological University , Singapore
Ian WILLIAMS Birmingham City University , UK
Adam JONES Mississippi State University , USA


ISMAR Paper Impact Award Perceptual issues in augmented reality revisited. In 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (pp. 3-12). IEEE. Recipient(s): Kruijff, E., Swan, J. E., & Feiner, S
ISMAR Paper Impact Award Going out: robust model-based tracking for outdoor augmented reality. In 2006 IEEE/ACM international symposium on mixed and augmented reality (pp. 109-118). IEEE. Recipient(s): Reitmayr, G., & Drummond, T. W.
Best IEEE ISMAR 2022 Journal Paper Award FoV-NeRF: Foveated Neural Radiance Fields for Virtual Reality Recipient(s): Nianchen Deng, Zhenyi He, Jiannan Ye, Budmonde Duinkharjav, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Xubo Yang, Qi Sun
Honorable Mention for Best IEEE ISMAR 2022 Journal Paper Content-Aware Brightness Solving and Error Mitigation in Large-Scale Multi-Projection Mapping Recipient(s): Philipp Kurth, Markus Leuschner, Marc Stamminger, Frank Bauer
Best IEEE ISMAR 2022 Conference Paper Award Evaluating the Object-Centered User Interface in Head-Worn Mixed Reality Environment Recipient(s): Yihan Li, Yong Hu, Zidan Wang, Xukun Shen
Honorable Mention for Best IEEE ISMAR 2022 Conference Paper Exploring the Impact of Visual Information on Intermittent Typing in Virtual Reality. Recipient(s): Alexander Giovannelli, Lee Lisle, Doug A. Bowman
Best IEEE ISMAR 2022 Poster Award Dynamically Controlling Spatial Taste Location by Extraoral Galvanic Taste Stimulation. Recipient(s): So Tanaka, Takuji Narumi, Hiromi Nakamura, Tomohiro Amemiya, Hideaki Kuzuoka, Kazuma Aoyama
Best IEEE ISMAR 2022 Demo Award CADET: A Collaborative Agile Data Exploration Tool for Mixed Reality Recipient(s): Jeremy McDade, Adam Drogemuller, Allison Jing, Nick R Ireland, James A Walsh, Bruce H Thomas, Wolfgang Mayer, Andrew Cunningham


Henry Fuchs University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill , USA Title: All-day Augmented Reality Glasses: Promises and Problems
    Marc Pollefeys ETH Zurich , Switzerland Title: Towards the Industrial Metaverse