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ISMAR 2018 - Munich, Germany

ISMAR 2018 - Munich, Germany

The ISMAR 2018 symposium was held in Munich, Germany.

Dates: Oct 16 - Oct 20 2018.

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General Chairs
Ulrich Eck
Ulrich Eck TU Munich, Germany
Ottmar Hilliges
Ottmar Hilliges ETH Zurich, Switzerland
S&T Program Chairs
David Chu
David Chu Google, US
Joseph L. Gabbard
Joseph L. Gabbard Virginia Tech, US
Jens Grubert
Jens Grubert Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany
Holger Regenbrecht
Holger Regenbrecht University of Otago, New Zealand


Career Impact Award Recipient: Prof. Henry Fuchs, UNC Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Henry Fuchs has had a profound influence on our field, and is most deserving of the ISMAR Career Impact Award.
Impact Paper Award Recipients: Wagner, Daniel and Reitmayr, Gerhard and Mulloni, Alessandro and Drummond, Tom and Schmalstieg, Dieter
for the paper "Pose tracking from natural features on mobile phones"
Best Paper Award FocusAR: Auto-focus Augmented Reality Eyeglasses for both Real and Virtual Recipients: Chakravarthula, Praneeth and Dunn, David and Aksit, Kaan and Fuchs, Henry
Best Paper Honorable Mention Augmented Reality Interface Design Approaches for Goal-directed and Stimulus-driven Driving Tasks Recipients: Merenda, Coleman J and Kim, Hyungil and Tanous, Kyle and Gabbard, Joseph L. and Feichtl, Blake and Suga, Chihiro and Misu, Teruhisa
Best Poster Award CNN-MonoFusion: Online Monocular Dense Reconstruction using Learned Depth from Single View Recipients: Wang, Jiafang and Liu, Haiwei and Cong, Lin and Xiahou, Zuoxin and Wang, Liming
Best Demo Award A Low-Latency, High-Precision Handheld Perspective Corrected Display Recipients: Berard, Francois and Louis, Thibault


Henry Fuchs University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill , USA Title: The XR Future - the coming utopia or a gamer's plaything
Hrvoje Benko Oculus Research , USA Title: The Future of AR Interactions